Anthony F. Saad

I am a digital media specialist with a deep history in integrated media production. I have keen interested in the intersection of technology and culture with an emphasis on narrative in its many forms. An explorer of technology, the audience, image and context I work at enticing the viewer to participate. 

Texture or structure, idea or act, technique or technicality; an experience that grows, blossoms and spreads is at the centre of the work . If I reveal some of that which is hidden I have achieved something.

I began my career at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), La Trobe University, and Victoria College, supporting and educating educators in the effective use of media technologies. I then took a position at Glaxo Australia where I was responsible for video production and multi-media services for marketing and education, and the technical staging of large national and regional conferences. In the 1990‘s I moved to Canada as an independent producer where I collaborated on digital projects including touch screen information systems, interactive installations, locative games, as well as the design and development of online web-based applications for business.

Most recently I co-founded an online submissions and networking platform for the Arts and Culture sector. enables people all over the world to CREATE, PUBLISH, & MANAGE Online Calls for Submissions, and Arts Events and Happenings.

I am currently developing and pursuing art and technology projects that unite communities and strengthen the individual. 

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