Rain On Mist Lake
Photography: Manipulated 

Anthony F. Saad


Anthony Saad (Tony) is a digital media specialist with a deep history in integrated media production. He explores the intersections of technology, audience, and image, and works at enticing the viewer to participate.

An accomplished digital media producer and application developer with over 30 years experience in digital multimedia production, Tony began his career at the Educational Media Unit of Victoria College in Melbourne educating educators in the effective use of media technology. He later took a position at Glaxo Australia where he was responsible for video production, and large scale multimedia services for national and regional conferences. Tony moved to Canada as an independent producer/ director creating video programming and digital multimedia projects such as touch screen information systems, interactive installations, online applications and locative games.

He was invited to be an active member of Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts and is currently serving as Programming Chair. He has also co-chaired Futures & Fundraising providing leadership on governance, Propeller’s future and fundraising activities. During his time with Propeller he observed a need in the industry and created huutaart.com an online submission management platform for the Arts which currently hosts thousands of members.

His work has been recognised with awards by his peers and enthusiastically received by general audiences and gallery goers alike.

He received the New Voices Award, Digifest 2005,and Gold Award for Interactive Media at the prestigious 2005 National Post Design Exchange Award for "Painting the Myth – The mystery of Tom Thomson" an interactive art installation. He has created interactive art installations for Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche – 'mimim' 2011, and 'h2Geneous' 2010, exhibited at official events at Propeller Gallery.

Tony is a synthesizer of ideas and technology combining diverse and often disparate resources to create greater value.


2021/11 | Solo - Single Subject, Espaço Espelho D'agua, Lisbon, Portugal
2021/08 | Dramatic Lighting, Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain

2021/07 | Powerful Composition, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2020/04 | Street Photography, Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain
2020/04 | Monochrome, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2020/03 | Minimalism, The International Photography & Moving Image Art Fair, Milam Italy
2019/11 | Art Thessaloniki, Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece
2019/09 | Dramatic B&W, Laurent Gallery, Vic., Australia
2019/09 | Less is More, Laurent Gallery, Vic., Australia
2016/11 | From the Ground Up, 3 Person Exhibition - Propeller Gallery, Toronto Canda
2016/05 | h2Geneous {computer}, Nuit Rose 2016, Through the Looking Glass: In Search for Identity
2016/01 | Aurora Megalopolis (Blue) , SALON X, Propeller
2015/10 | Pano-O-Pillows, P.A.R.T.I.C.L.E., Propeller
2015/07 | Silhouettes Photographing You, The Body - A Celebration, Propeller
2015/06 | 3D Silhouettes - video installation, COLOUR, Propeller
2015/04 | Slice-O-Water, Animation - video installation, SALON 9, Propeller
2015/02 | Strand, NETWORKS, Propeller
2015/01 | Untitled, Gala Opening, Propeller
2014/11 | Untitled, Off The Wall, Propeller
2014/09 | Exhibition # 1, SOLO Exhibition @ Propeller
2014/01 | Slice-O-Water, Black & White Ball Propeller
2013/01 | Snow on the Sea Floor, Black & White Ball Propeller
2012/07 | 5 one 5 video installation @ Sincerely Yours, 15th Annual Curated Exhibition -Propeller
2012/07 | Springtime in Canada, @ Political Acts - It's not about the Art, Propeller
2012/02 | Here Be Dragons, Black & White Ball, Propeller
2011/10 | mimim {interactive} @ Intersecting Messages, Nuit Blanche Official Event
2010/10 | h2Geneous {interactive} @ Face It Head On, Nuit Blanche Official Event
2009/01 | Twisted City, Salon 3, Propeller
2005/05 | "Painting the Myth" {interactive} @ digifest 05, Design Exchange Toronto Canda

Jury & Curatorial

2018 | Out of This World – a juried exhibition inspired by all things Astronomical | Propeller
2018 | A Portrait Gallery | Propeller
2017 | The Art of Politics | Propeller 
2016 | Re-Vision | Propeller 
2016 | Black & White Ball VI | Propeller 
2015 | Black & White Ball V | Propeller 
2015 | P.A.R.T.I.C.L.E. | Propeller 
2014 | THE SEX OFFENSIVE: Emancipating Gender | Propeller 
2014 | Black & White Ball IV | Propeller 
2013 | Black & White Ball III | Propeller 2012 | Political Acts | Propeller Experiential 
2006 | Waking City – TORGAME, 14 day A.R.G. {Alernate Reality Game in Toronto} 


Gold Award, New Media, National Post Design Exchange Award (2005)
"Painting the Myth – The mystery of Tom Thomson" an interactive art installation.  

New Voices Award, digifest 05, Design Exchange - Toronto (2005)
"Painting the Myth – The mystery of Tom Thomson" an interactive art installation. 

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