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Photography, Manipulated Landscape

Anthony F. Saad
About me

Innovative, high performance, service oriented, forward looking media specialist.

What I do
Create Installations and Interactives
Produce Video and Photography
Design for Web / Print / Television
Manage Development Projects
Lead and be a Team Member

Anthony F. Saad

Here to help.

I am a digital media specialist with a deep history in integrated media production. I have keen interested in the intersection of technology and culture with an emphasis on narrative in its many forms. An explorer of technology, the audience, image and context I work at enticing the viewer to participate.

I've been employed by large institutions and big corporations, been a freelancer, an entrepreneur, and artist. My experience spans Education, Industry, and the Arts and has always included screens, a stage/ podium, lenses, and teams of great people.

I'm here to help.

If you'd like my resume send a note.

I am available to help with:

  • Photography & Video Production. Documentation, Education, Celebration
  • Media Consulting
  • Presentation
  • Game Design and Experiential Environments
  • Art Exhibition Design & Staging

I like helping others get to great clarity and act as a catalyst for moving forward. Here are some testimonials on Linked In.

My one film credit: who knew we were making a type of Alternate Reality Game back then

Selected Clients

The National Capital Commission, Manulife Financial, Kinosmith, V.K. & Associates, Fidelity Money Management, CHT Australia, Penguin Books Australia, Polygram Filmed Entertainment, The Resonance Repatterning Institute, Rebellium, EMC2, Voices Forward Film Festival, New Real Films, Toronto International Film Festival, East End Arts,North York Arts, Toronto Arts Council, Nexus Media Inc., Analytical Solutions Ltd., Tokia String Quartet, Talis Jewellery, Glaxo Australia, Victoria College, La Trobe University, Colour Research Society of Canada, Toronto IRISH Film Festival, NuVision Inc., Edge Associated, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Philip Hare, Margie Kelk, Home Works Home Services, National Archives of Canada 

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