Part of FACE IT HEAD ON – An official Independent Project for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010

Another great collaboration with Alek Grguric.

h2Geneous explores the heterogeneous and homogeneous aspects of a community’s identity and vibrant make–up by creating unique expressions from its component parts. Participants see fragments of their own face combined with those of fellow gallery goers. Your eye is paired with a stranger’s grin, a friend’s ear, and someone else’s nose; all collaged together to create a unique ever changing portrait. These continuously evolving images are set atop a background of faces of the community and the resultant work is presented as a large-screen projection.

Stepping up to H2Geneous, participants add their image to the community of faces by aligning their own face with that of H2Geneous. As each face is captured it is fragmented and de-constructed into component parts; all of which are added to the rich diversity of faces representing the community. H2Geneous continually and randomly recombines the fragments reflecting to us our collective image in an ever–evolving series of animated composite images.

The surprising, whimsical, beautiful, and unique faces created by H2Geneous will haunt, entertain and inspire you to give thought to the face of your community.

H2Geneous was a custom installation for the FACE It Head ON Exhibition at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts in association with Workman Arts.

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